Scientific Program

Progress in Flow Instability, Transition and Control
June 28-30, 2023
Alghero, Sardinia, Italy

Wednesday, June 28
08:30 Registration
08:45 Welcome
09:00 Peter Jordan Linear mean-flow modelling of turbulent shear flow Chair: P. Luchini
09:45 Oliver Schmidt Modal analysis of nonlinear turbulent jet dynamics
10:05 Bernardo P. P. de Vasconcellos Characterizing absolute instability in annular swirling jets
10:25 Alessandro Franchini Global stability analysis of screeching jets via automatic differentiation
10:45 Coffee
11:15 Javier Sierra Ausin The identification of the instability core of instabilities underpinned by an acoustic-hydrodynamic feedback Chair: T. Sayadi
11:35 Eduardo Martini Decomposing Long-range-resonant Instability Using Forced One-way Navier-stokes (OWNS)
11:55 Thomas Ludwig Kaiser Using a linear mean flow analysis with an active flame approach to model the response of a turbulent jet flame to acoustic excitation
12:15 Yves-Marie Ducimetière Noise-induced transitions after a steady symmetry-breaking bifurcation: the case of the sudden expansion.
12:35 Alessandro Chiarini Linear global and asymptotic stability analysis of rectangular cylinders in ground effect
12:55 Lunch
14:25 Olivier Marquet Data-assimilation and linear analysis of turbulent mean flows around airfoils close to stall Chair: G. Rigas
15:10 Nicola Ciola Nonlinear optimal perturbations engendering extreme events in the turbulent channel flow
15:30 Lutz Lesshafft Instability from non-local feedback in a laminar V-shaped flame
15:50 Coffee
16:20 Quentin Chevalier Resolvent analysis of a round swirling turbulent jet Chair: P. Jordan
16:40 Colin Leclercq Mean resolvent operator of a statistically steady flow
17:00 Ugur Karban Resolvent optimisation via nonlinear variable transformation
17:20 Reception
Thursday, June 29
08:30 Taraneh Sayadi Towards Efficient and Robust Optimisation of Unsteady Complex Flows Chair: H. Fasel
9:15 Julien Sablon Energy growth in variable-density trailing vortices
9:35 Pier Giuseppe Ledda Linear path instability of buoyancy-driven permeable disks
9:55 Andrey Aleksyuk Mechanisms for three-dimensional instabilities in the wake behind a cylinder
10:15 Antoine Jouin Quasi-periodic optimal perturbations in a streaky boundary layer
10:35 Coffee
11:05 Théo Mouyen Stability prediction of multiple freely-oscillating bodies Chair: D. Fabre
11:25 Alessandro Bongarzone A revised gap-averaged model for Faraday waves in Hele-Shaw cells
11:45 Daniel Bodony Adjoint-based sensitivity of shock-laden flows
12:05 Gabriele Nastro Nonlinear dynamics, stability and sensitivity of a simplified dragonfly wing in gliding flight
12:25 András Szabó Stability analysis of a streaky boundary layer induced by miniature vortex generators
12:45 Valerio Lupi Error-driven global stability analysis of 180°-bend pipe transitional flow
13:05 Lunch
14:30 François Gallaire Weak nonlinearity for strong nonnormality Chair: J. Healey
15:15 Georgios Rigas Nonlinear transition mechanisms of separation bubbles
15:35 Daniel Rodriguez The impact of periodic inflow fluctuations on the size and dynamics of the separated flow over a bump
15:55 Thales Coelho Leite Fava Spanwise modulation and secondary instability of Kelvin- Helmholtz rolls by crossflow modes on a rotating airfoil
16:15 Hermann Fasel Delay of separation and transition for a laminar airfoil using active flow control
16:35 Alberto Felipe Rius Vidales Passive control of crossflow instability and transition delay using a smooth surface protuberance
16:55 Social event
Friday, June 30
9:00 Asahi Yoshida Establishment of extraction method using linear response to artificial disturbance for boundary layer transition process induced by free stream turbulence Chair: J.-C. Robinet
9:20 Pietro Carlo Boldini Transient growth in flat-plate boundary layers with a highly non-ideal fluid
9:40 Simon Demange Effect of eddy viscosity on the resolvent analysis of coherent structures in the near-field of a NACA0012 airfoil
10:00 Marina Barahona Stability and transition of swept boundary layers in cooled wall conditions: commissioning of experiments and initial results
10:20 Markus Kloker Effects of a highly-non-ideal fluid for the instability of a three-dimensional boundary-layer flow
10:40 Coffee
11:10 Elliot Badcock Three-Dimensional Instabilities Chair: S. Hein
11:30 Jonathan Healey Global instability produced by infinitesimal roughness
11:50 Harrison Nobis Topology optimization of roughness elements to delay modal transition in boundary layers
12:10 Juan Alberto Franco Influence of surface imperfections with slightly rounded corners on the expected laminar-turbulence transition location
12:30 Tristan M. Römer Delay of laminar–turbulent transition by rotating cylindrical roughness elements in a laminar water channel
12:50 Marcello Medeiros Numerical and experimental study of the gap-induced boundary layer transition
13:10 Ganlin Lyu Transonic boundary layer natural transition analysis over a gapped wing section
13:30 Lunch
End of the conference